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OrthoRegen is the premier destination for innovative and ground-breaking non-surgical, Interventional Orthopaedics in Australia.   We are the only clinic in Australia who solely specialise in this new and exciting field of medicine, which is revolutionising the treatment of Orthopaedic conditions and Musculoskeletal pain worldwide.


Interventional Orthopaedics advocates a new approach in diagnosing, investigating and treating patients with musculoskeletal conditions.  It incorporates precise, minimally invasive techniques to help treat diseased joints, tendons, ligaments, nerves and muscles.  OrthoRegen's non-surgical, interventional procedures utilise the latest advancements in orthobiologic therapies to treat musculoskeletal conditions without surgical interventions.


Our unique approach to diagnosis and treatment will provide you with the best chance of treating the 'root cause' of your condition. We integrate the latest developments and research in Interventional Orthopaedics into individualised treatment and rehabilitation plans, which aim to improve function, reduce pain and prevent recurrence of your condition.

The OrthoRegen Diagnosis and Treatment Model

Our Interventional Orthopaedic procedures are 100% focused on producing the best possible patient outcomes.  That's why we've developed a new model for the diagnosis and treatment of orthopaedic conditions.  This model focuses on six core areas that have complex interactions which lead to the development of orthopaedic injury and disease.





We utilise advanced, image guidance during your OrthoRegen procedure to ensure your orthobiologic treatment is precisely and carefully placed in the region of disease and/or injury.  Our physicians have been trained by world leaders in this field of medicine and have proven skills in advanced image guided injections. 


Not all orthobiologic providers are the same.  We pride ourselves on our exclusive diagnosis methods, treatment protocols and orthobiologic preparations.  Our commitment to quality Orthopaedic care and best possible patient outcomes is what drives us to be leaders in Interventional Orthopaedics and Regenerative Medicine.








Orthobiologics is the name given to the cellular injectate solutions we use in Interventional Orthopaedic treatments.  The most common Orthobiologic used around the world today contain cells called platelets.  Other examples of Orthobiologics used by physicians contain cells from your bone marrow or adipose tissue and proteins (growth factors or cytokines) harvested from your blood.  They are completely autologous meaning they are harvested from you and used for you.  The safety of these cellular therapies has been confirmed in the international medical literature.


However, not all Orthobiologics are prepared in the same manner or have the same effect. Therefore, it is crucial that physicians utilising these treatments have the necessary training so that patients can obtain the best possible outcomes from their treatment.  Physicians should have a thorough understanding of the mechanisms associated with each Orthobiologic treatment and be skilled in the precise delivery of the Orthobiologic to the injured or diseased area using ultrasound or fluoroscopy guidance.  They also need to be familiar with the latest research in Interventional Orthopaedics and confidently employ best practice and treatment protocols. 


Patients need to be aware that Orthobiologic treatments differ dramatically.  They can vary in a number of cellular elements such as cellular concentration, cellular viability, white blood cell content, red blood cell content and growth factor components, which leads to a varied response to the treatment.  For instance, the most common system used in Australia has a platelet concentration only slightly higher than what is found in whole blood.  Research suggests that the platelet concentration required for any regeneration to occur needs to be between 3-5 times what is found in whole blood.  Different tissues also require different cellular concentrations and cellular components in the Orthobiologic to work. Without this advanced knowledge of Orthobiologics and the precise placement of these treatments, the success from treatment is less likely.


At OrthoRegen, our patients are guaranteed world-class Orthobiologic treatments based on the latest advancements in the field of Interventional Orthopaedics.  We are the only clinic in Australia using these advanced techniques and precise minimally invasive procedures and we have had great success treating a large variety of musculoskeletal complaints and reducing musculoskeletal pain.  

The OrthoRegen Difference

Your treatment outcome is our #1 priority

One of our missions is to provide high quality, advanced Interventional Orthopaedic treatments that are financially accessible to patients.  We believe we have achieved this goal.  Now you can access regenerative orthopaedic medicine treatments that were once only available to elite sports people.  

Interventional Orthopaedics is our passion and everything we do is geared towards advancing this field of medicine and producing the best possible outcomes for our patients.  Our holistic approach means we guide you through the whole treatment process.  From pre-treatment evaluations to expert rehabilitation programs and dietary and supplement advice - our individualised treatment plans encompass all the factors relating to your condition.  

OrthoRegen procedures focus on the underlying cause of the condition and are not just "joint injections".  Our specially formulated orthobiologics allow us to treat multiple tissues, giving our patients the best chance of improvement. These innovative therapies are our sole focus, which sets us apart from other providers.  


Our patients can be assured they are being treated by experienced and skilled specialists, who have completed extensive, world-class training in the medical field of Interventional Orthopaedics.



All our advanced OrthoRegen procedures are provided by highly trained physicians.  Whether you're an elite athlete, weekend warrior or suffer from osteoarthritis we treat all patients with the same passionate, comprehensive and holistic care.  We collaborate with an experienced team of health professionals including Physiotherapists, Podiatrists, Exercise Physiologists, Dieticians, Sports Physicians and Orthopaedic Surgeons.


At OrthoRegen, our focus is on diagnosing and treating the underlying cause of your injury. With our cutting edge, non-surgical treatments, we can promote the healing of tissues in the most natural way.

We treat a vast array of conditions involving nearly all musculoskeletal areas of the body.  To learn more about these areas, click on the link below


Don’t let osteoarthritis, sports injuries and musculoskeletal pain affect your quality of life. Schedule a consultation at OrthoRegen today.


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