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OrthoRegen six point plan devloped for the management of orthopaedic and musculoskeletal disease


Our approach is vastly different to the “traditional” methods of diagnosis and treatment currently used in Pain Medicine, Sports Medicine, Musculoskeletal Medicine and Orthopaedics.  These specialities historically base their diagnosis and treatment on a single body structure, usually shown on an MRI/CT/Ultrasound scan, that is then thought to be the cause of a patient’s symptoms.  However, we know the human body is not that simple!  At OrthoRegen®, we identify the "root cause" of your pain and consider the complex interplay between the different structures and regions of the body.

Dr Paul Schiavo, founder of OrthoRegen® developed a diagnostic approach for the evaluation of pain and dysfunction.  This encompasses the Biomechanical, Articulation, Neurofascial, Instability, Nutrition and Inflammation causes of musculoskeletal pain and dysfunction.  He recognised that pain is usually a symptom of a much more complex problem and not the actual problem itself.  With this systematic approach to the assessment of a patient's condition or injury, in addition to a detailed history and comprehensive physical examination, we can identify not only what hurts, but what structures and functional issues are the cause of your pain.    

















We believe that every patient and their injury or condition is unique and requires a comprehensive, individualised treatment plan created by a doctor, who has completed the appropriate and extensive training in the application of interventional regenerative medicine treatments.  We prescribe a tailor-made treatment program which utilises our full range of innovative therapies. Our experience in using the latest interventional regenerative medicine therapies to target the "root cause" of your condition means we don't mask the problem like traditional medical therapies do.  Instead, our therapies heal the problem at its source, which in turn can provide a more sustainable and viable approach to pain relief and return of function.

OrthoRegen® is also one of the few clinics that truly specialises in orthobiologic or cellular therapies, such as Platelet-Rich Plasma, Bone Marrow Concentrate, Lipogems, Prolotherapy and more.  While some of these therapies have become popular in recent times with radiologists, sports physicians and general practitioners, these therapies are OrthoRegen®'s primary specialty and our sole focus.  



Dr. Paul Schiavo has thousands of hours of experience with injection-based treatments performed using image guidance for a range of body parts and injuries.  He has had the privilege of completing training under the mentorship of some of the world leaders in the USA in the field of Interventional Regenerative Medicine and the utilisation of orthobiologics such as Platelet-Rich Plasma and Bone Marrow Concentrate.  He has spent time in the some of the premier interventional regenerative medicine clinics in the USA, observing the techniques and therapies used by leading physicians in this field of medicine.  He is honoured to be recognised as a key thought and opinion leader in the Interventional Regenerative Medicine and Orthobiologics community and regularly attends international seminars and conferences abroad to bring to OrthoRegen® the most cutting edge and innovative treatments available.

OrthoRegen® is proud to be a member of the Orthobiologic Ethics Consortium which was formed in 2017 by our colleagues in the USA.  This consortium of clinics abides by an ethics statement that gives our patients peace of mind they are receiving treatments within the scope of research and which are provided by physicians who have completed appropriate and extensive training to offer these therapies safely.  You can visit the Orthobiologic Ethics Consortium website by clicking on the logo for further information.

OrthoRegen® is also a member of the Interventional Orthobiologics Foundation (IOF).  This foundation provides the most comprehensive and specialised training in Interventional Orthobiologics.  Dr. Paul Schiavo has completed all training modules and passed the rigorous examinations associated with certification by the Interventional Orthobiologics Foundation (IOF).

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Would you choose an invasive surgical procedure, with its risks and prolonged recovery, if there were clinically-proven, less invasive alternatives?

Your team at OrthoRegen® are skilled in delicate, minimally invasive procedures and are at the leading edge of this evolution in medicine.  Our procedures are NOT just joint injections! Most orthopaedic injections are delivered "blindly", meaning without any image guidance.  Research shows that even trained doctors can miss the target location 20-40% of the time when not employing image guidance for the placement of an injection.  


Our experience in image guided, minimally invasive injection therapies provide accuracy and precision - crucial to achieving optimal results.  The appeal of this advancing field of medicine is it provides patients with less risk, minimal recovery time and a more natural approach to healing.

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