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If you are interested in an appointment with our doctors at OrthoRegen®  for non-surgical, regenerative medicine treatment options available for your condition, we have supplied the following documents for you.  Please complete the below documents with as much information about your condition as possible and send it via email to  

Once your information is received, our doctors will peruse your information to see if you are a candidate and whether we can help manage and treat your condition.  We may ask you to obtain x-rays, ultrasounds or MRIs if you have not previously had them performed.  We may ask for blood tests or other pathology tests as well.  Our friendly staff will contact you with further information and to make an appointment.

The following documents can be sent to or alternatively, if you can not print these documents, you can call 07 3505 3999 and we will arrange these documents to be sent to you.


Don’t let osteoarthritis, sports injuries and musculoskeletal pain affect your quality of life. Schedule a consultation at OrthoRegen® today.

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Non-Surgical Management of Musculoskeletal Conditions

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